Polka Dot Jerseys

The Polka Dot Jersey

The Polka Dot Jersey is one of our highest honours—a symbol of extraordinary success achieved by determination and perseverance awarded to the first 10 Riders to reach $15,000 in their fundraising accounts.

Kick your fundraising into high gear, reach new heights, and receive our Polka Dot Jersey! Proudly wear it as you raise awareness in the quest to conquer cancer.

*Note: all jerseys will be ordered once the 10th Rider has reached the $15,000 benchmark.


"I fundraise for the BC Cancer Foundation's Ride to Conquer Cancer because I have too many reasons not to. My list is 54 names long and sadly grows each year. I carry this list of names on my bike to remind me to train harder, fundraise more, and to keep fighting. My wife is a cancer survivor. My father is a two-time cancer survivor."

Brent Jordan, fellow 2014 Rider, was one of 10 to be honoured with a polka dot jersey in 2013.

2015 will be his 5th year taking part and while initially hesitant of the minimum fundraising amount, Brent says it's getting over the hurdle of just asking people. "I raised the minimum in less than 6 weeks and went on to raise $12,000 my first year. While fundraising with a bottle drive and bake sale, I have found the biggest amount each year comes from sending meaningful emails that simply ask for donations. I think most who struggle with fundraising do so because they are afraid to ask, but I have found many people have a personal connection to cancer and want to donate."

Earning an ambassador's jersey over the past four years, Brent is proud to have fundraised over $64,000 to date for the BC Cancer Foundation. "On January 1st, 2013, I earned a Polka Dot Jersey, and went on to earn a gold ambassador's jersey later that year. This year, my goal is to earn my fifth ambassador jersey and bring my 5-year fundraising total to $75,000.When I first signed up for the Ride to Conquer Cancer it was something I thought I might do once in awhile. It has become part of who I am and it is no longer a question whether I will sign up again - of course I will. How could I not?"